Our Guesthouse is located in “Haie Vive” in the center of Cotonou, and is close to all amenities, supermarkets, restaurants, bars, travel agencies, shops, clinics, airport.

We offer 8 simple, clean, pleasant, ventilated rooms. An equipped kitchen is at your disposal. Four rooms have a private bathroom, and 4 have a shared bathroom. Free parking.


Room (1 person), Shared bathroom 10 000 FCFA
Room (1 person), Private bathroom 12 000 FCFA
Additional person 4 000 FCFA
Room / day air conditioning surcharge 4 000 FCFA
tea / coffee, fruit juice, bread, butter, jam
1 500 FCFA
Fully equipped kitchen, dining room, living room, terrace, garden, parking Free to use
Wireless Free

Coca, Sprite, Fanta, sparkling water, 0.5l

Beer; Beninese, Castel

500 FCFA

500 FCFA

Telephone credit MTN/MOOV